What We Do

ALS Arizona symbolizes the hopes of people everywhere that Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis will one day be a disease of the past, conquered by the dedication of thousands who have worked ceaselessly to understand and eradicate it.

Until that day comes, ALS Arizona relentlessly pursues its mission to help people living with ALS and to leave no stone unturned in the search for a cure for this progressive neurodegenerative disease.

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Care Services

We embrace thousands of those stricken with the disease with the world's most comprehensive program of care and services. ALS Arizona is committed to enhancing those living with ALS quality of life through the many cost free programs we offer to individuals and families affected by ALS. We understand the value of those with the disease being able to communicate, function safely in their home, and travel to ALS Clinics for comprehensive evaluation and treatment. Our programs are designed to meet these essential care needs as well as the emotional needs of those in our community and caregivers.

AZ Advocacy


ALS Arizona focuses on state and federal advocacy for research, health & long-term care, and caregiver support. ALS Arizona's community involvement in advocacy has led to increased federal funding for ALS research and federal funding for ALS research through the Department of Defense.

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We are the largest private funder of ALS research worldwide, and our efforts have led to some of the most promising and significant advances in the field. So far we have committed more than $122 million to research. Thanks to the donations raised during the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, we're now spending three times more than on ALS Research than before summer 2014.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our research program. We partner with academia, industry, government, and other nonprofit organizations and lead by spurring long-lasting collaborations among researchers across all sectors, leading to globally shared data, protocols, and research samples to accelerate research progress.

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Public Education & Awareness

Through public outreach, media relations, social media and the Internet, ALS Arizona continually raises awareness about ALS and the search for a cure. On average, each month 250,000 viewers visit our website, a vital source of information for those battling ALS and for people looking for the latest news and information about the disease. ALS Arizona has achieved expanded awareness and support of ALS issues through relationships with other organizations such as Major and Minor League Baseball, and through effective interaction with the nation's news media.