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A Walk in My Shoes- Connie Milton Collaborative

A young baby became a lovely woman full of determination, joy and love for everyone.  As a collective of family and friends we – her family of 61 years – are honoring our friend and all the goodness she brought to our lives, and the lives of everyone she met.


At an early age she developed a strong personality. If she thought something was wrong, she said so & tried to make it right.  She had a great sense of humor & a laugh that made everyone happy.

She loved all animals from horses to frogs, with a strong sense of adventure & idealism she always wanted to help others

When she didn’t make the varsity dance team, she ended up as manager of the whole show!


Connie was a giver and passionate about helping people.  As a pre-teen, I thought Constance Lee’s name was “Constantly “!  And that so suited her. From early on she was constantly on the move.

She played tennis, piano, sang in choirs, belonged numerous organizations from brownies to debate and she excelled in all. Her love of animals may have come from her reading Black Beauty, which we passed down to cousins and inscribed all our names.

Connie would debate politics with her dad, she was passionate, blue eyes flashing and intense. But afterward, her brilliant smile and hearty, sincere laughter would fill the room.

Cathy Parker:

Connie lived in Dallas in her 30s and built various circles of friends. She was a beacon of positive energy. Connie smiled with her whole face. She had some difficult times but forged ahead with grace and determination. In Dallas, Connie met Randy, the love of her life, got married and soon moved to Tucson.

Kathy James:

A memory to share was that Connie planned a watch party for the wedding of Diana & Charles starting at 2 am.  She was forever a hostess always looking out for others well-being.

Kim Hicks:

Connie fascinated me with her intelligence, wit, confidence and warmth.  She was a determined leader and such an encourager of others! We worked together both professionally and as volunteers, and she always had high standards and was also quick to show mercy and forgive when something went awry.

Stacy Revely:

After her diagnosis, I got a package from her in the mail. It was a business card holder in the shape of an Airedale, as we each have one of these wonderful dogs. It was such a sweet surprise, and even when she was dealing with so much, it was just like her to put others first and make them feel special. 

Jacquie Scott:

The bond of friendship is strong with Connie. A journey that started at the University of Tulsa in the Delta Gamma house (1981) blossomed into 42 years of friendship. What a JOY to see my sorority sister Connie more frequently when we reconnected living only minutes apart. We had plans, many plans!  The diagnosis of ALS disrupted her life quickly, was tough to comprehend and the disease hit Connie hard. Our plans required a change. Each month, the disease took a little more of my friend, yet she remained optimistic. After a mere 11 months from the day she was diagnosed, ALS stole her future. ALS stole our future times together. 

Connie continued to invite us into her home, introducing us to one another and fostering friendships, serving each of us and sharing her love with each friend.  Her strength and loving kindness have always been her greatest virtues. Even from her place of declining health, Connie laid the path of friendships, including introducing these lovely women who have contributed to this “Walk In My Shoes” tribute.

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