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A Walk in My Shoes- Chris Proudfoot

Chris Proudfoot is living a life filled with adventure and purpose.  After serving three years in the army, he transitioned to civilian life with the same vigor and determination.  Chris is always on the move, seeking out new experiences and challenging himself physically and mentally.  He is a true inspiration and continued to live an active lifestyle when he was diagnosed with ALS in 2008.  Although the diagnosis was devastating, Chris refused to give up.  He has been living with ALS for over a decade, defying the odds with his strength and resilience. 
What sets Chris apart from many other ALS patients is that his disease progression has been slow.  While he has faced many challenges and obstacles along the way, he has remained active and engaged in life.  He continues to make the most of every day, cherishing time with his loved ones and pursuing his passions. 
It was about 2014 when Chris decided to take the opportunity to do some good.  He has never been the “rah-rah” guy. But since people were finding inspiration in his work, he reluctantly became the figurehead and is happy to continue spreading awareness and raising funds for a worthy cause. The rest of Team Proudfoot have done tremendous work over the years.
Despite his challenges, Chris remains a big Oakland Athletics fan.  He can often be seen sporting an A’s cap and jersey, and he was thrilled when he was asked to participate in an ALS hero event in 2019.  In a video clip from the ALS Heros event, he stated “Let’s go A’s!”, that caught the attention of Stephen Piscotty (whose mother had ALS).  Chris was able to meet Piscotty and has attended numerous team events making memories that he cherishes to this day.
Chris Proudfoot is a true hero, inspiring everyone around him with his strength, resilience, and positive attitude.  He is a living testament to the power of hope and the strength of the human spirit.  The ALS Association Arizona Chapter is grateful to have him on their team, and we are honored to share his story.

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